Our experience says it all.

About Intro

Offering you personnel — and power.

With us, it’s all about experience. It’s what’s helped make us a leader in our industry and what will help you meet your business needs. Partnering with Metalbuilt means you’ll collaborate with a widely experienced team that’s not only been through it all — but is capable of doing it all.

Our story.

Metalbuilt began when we realized there was a market need for our high-quality steel products. That was back in 2007; however, our experience goes back much farther that that, with each member of our team averaging 25 years in the industry — with varying specialty backgrounds. It’s this combined experience and expertise, as well as strengths in design and consultation that help Metalbuilt stand out from the competition.

Even more ways the Metalbuilt team can meet your business needs:

  • Experts in design, CAD, metal model making, tool design, CNC and more
  • Focused on efficiency, and can advise and react for cost-effectiveness
  • Enhance products through reverse engineering
  • Adapt to material changes
  • Work closely with clients to revise, improve and fix design issues

Who we serve.

Our product offering is diverse and caters to multiple industries. We’re a Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry, producing body, frame and drivetrain components. We also offer railroad and aftermarket parts.

Quality work. Recognized.

We’ve consistently earned the approval of our industry peers, and are proud of our commitment to getting quality products out in the marketplace. Our supply rating is 100% and we’ve met the lSO/TS standard for consistent improvement in the supply chain — making us a leader in our field.