Efficiency You Can Count On.

Adding value to any project.

Years of experience designing, building and delivering means we can step into a project at any stage of the process — from the consult to the blueprint to the developmental stages — and it will get done. Our expertise will make you feel confident you’ve chosen a partner who’s committed to giving you more.

Metalbuilt Speed

Tuned into your timeline.

In the automotive world, quality and fast turnaround times are crucial. When a client needs a product, they want it right and they want it now. At Metalbuilt, we pride ourselves on delivering on time, every time. Our dependable in-house team works together to output high-quality products to meet your timetable.

When you partner with Metalbuilt you can count on us to make your project a priority, with:

  • Vertical integration, for greater efficiencies through:
    • In-house production
    • First-rate equipment, including lathes, CNCs, presses, lasers and more
    • Fixtures/tools built on-site
  • Design-through build capabilities
  • Swift turnarounds and tremendous reactive speed to project changes in direction

MetalBuilt Experience

Partners you can trust.

Metalbuilt is comprised of hardworking talent — with team members averaging 25 years in the industry. Our capabilities allow us to see projects through from concept to completion, and while it’s always preferred to bring us on in the beginning, our experts can join any project already in progress and advise our clients on best practices. When you make Metalbuilt your partner, we can:

  • Advise you on how to design parts for your production methods
  • Catch issues in proposed designs and offer guidance– or a redesign
  • Create simulations to ensure that parts are buildable
  • Extrapolate prototype designs
  • Design and build complex parts: A Pillar, H Pillar, B Pillar, Cross Members, Roof Rails, SS Manifolds, Fuel Filler Doors, Instrument Panels and other integral Structural Parts

Metalbuilt Quality

A philosophy built on quality.

We’re driven to provide a superior product that customers can count on. Practicing vertical integration within our plant helps us keep quality assurances in check and allows us to manufacture to stringent standards. To complement our quality commitment, we work with both leading-edge and traditional materials, as well as a wide range of gauges – and have a 100% supply rating.